• 9.10.21 Le Point, France. INTERVIEW

• 9.3.21 Lapham's Quarterly, The World In Time Podcast. INTERVIEW


• 8.18.21 The BBC, History Extra Podcast. INTERVIEW


• 7.29.21 The Economist, "The Economist Asks" Radio Podcast. INTERVIEW


• 7.20.21 Talk Radio Europe, interview with Ger Sweeney. 


• 7.13.21 Next Big Idea Club, Book Bite. INTERVIEW


• 7.12.21 Conway Hall Ethical Society, "Ethical Matters." INTERVIEW

• 7.5.21 NewsTalk Moncrieff, Irish Radio. INTERVIEW

• 7.4.21 Soho Radio London, Bureau of Lost Culture. INTERVIEW


• 6.17.21 So To Speak: The Free Speech Podcast. INTERVIEW


• 6.3.21 Honest Offense Podcast. INTERVIEW


• 5.27.21 The Mark Twain House, In Conversation with Marc Cooper. INTERVIEW

• 5.26.21 In Conversation with Journalist Marc Cooper. INTERVIEW


• 5.11.21 Book Passage, In Conversation with Judy Muller. INTERVIEW


• 4.29.21 Tangentially Speaking Podcast, In Conversation with Christopher Ryan. INTERVIEW


• 6.2.16, on The Boundaries of Desire.  INTERVIEW

• 8.6.15 Sex With Timaree, "Sex Laws with Eric Berkowitz." INTERVIEW

• 8.1.15 NPR, Fresh Air with Terry Gross, "A Century of Sex Laws.INTERVIEW


• 8.21 “Thought Policing" The Big Issue. ​​

• 5.23.21 “The Age of Reason and the Restless Masses: Censoring Class Consciousness in the Nineteenth Century" History News Network, The George Washington University. READ ARTICLE

​​• 4.28.21 “The  U.S. doesn't need to rewrite its hate speech rules" Salon. READ ARTICLE

• 3.26.21 “How dissent gets criminalized: America's right to insult the government is under attack" Salon. READ ARTICLE

• 2.18.21 “We must fight the temptation to regulate online speech at all costs" Newsweek.  READ ARTICLE


• 7.23.19 “Trump likes to charge his opponents with treason. He is echoing Europe's worst despots." Washington Post article on Trump's toxic confusion of criticism with treason.  READ ARTICLE


• 5.31.18 “The case against George Takei was always weak. Why were we so quick to believe it?” Washington Post piece tracing the historical antecedents for the false sexual misconduct accusations against Takei.  READ ARTICLE


• 7.30.16 “Punishment that Doesn't Fit the Crime,” New York Times piece on the tragedies befalling youths -- some as young as twelve -- who are put on sex offender registries.  READ ARTICLE

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