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• 1.22 Dangerous Ideas Book Review, The Political Quarterly. 


• 12.5.21 “The 75 best books of 2021 to read this winter," The Telegraph. ARTICLE


• 12.4.21 “The best books about cancel culture to read in 2021," The Telegraph. ARTICLE

• 11.12.21 “Allow me to say this: On free speech absolutism," The Times Literary Supplement, Law Book Review. ARTICLE

• 11.11.21 “Five new titles advocate for truth and rationalism," The Globe and Mail. ARTICLE

• 9.17.21 “Algorithms shouldn't decide whose voices are heard: Baroness Morgan of Cotes reviews Dangerous Ideas," The House Magazine. ARTICLE

• 8.6.21 “A timely riposte to censorship," The Morning Star. ARTICLE

• 7.4.21 “Woke warriors beware: history shows us that censorship is always futile," The Weekend Telegraph. ARTICLE

• 6.30.21 “12 books to read: the best reviews from June," The Wall Street Journal. ARTICLE

• 6.28.21 “Dangerous Ideas by Eric Berkowitz, How speech has been suppressed through history," The Financial Times. ARTICLE

• 6.7.21 “Dangerous Ideas Review: the follies of censorship," The Wall Street Journal. ARTICLE

• 6.2.21 “Moral panic in the historical marketplace of ideas," The Australian. ARTICLE

• 5.21/6.21 Dangerous Ideas Book Review, The Diplomat Magazine. 

• 5.29.21 “Dangerous Ideas is an engrossing history of censorship," The Economist. ARTICLE

• 5.4.21 Dangerous Ideas Book ReviewKirkus Reviews. ARTICLE

• 1.27.21 Dangerous Ideas Book Review, Publishers Weekly. ARTICLE


• 8.21 “Thought Policing," The Big Issue. ​​

• 5.23.21 “The Age of Reason and the Restless Masses: Censoring Class Consciousness in the Nineteenth Century," History News Network, The George Washington University. READ ARTICLE

​​• 4.28.21 “The  U.S. doesn't need to rewrite its hate speech rules," Salon. READ ARTICLE

• 3.26.21 “How dissent gets criminalized: America's right to insult the government is under attack," Salon. READ ARTICLE

• 2.18.21 “We must fight the temptation to regulate online speech at all costs" Newsweek. READ ARTICLE


• 7.23.19 “Trump likes to charge his opponents with treason. He is echoing Europe's worst despots." Washington Post. READ ARTICLE


• 5.31.18 “The case against George Takei was always weak. Why were we so quick to believe it?” Washington PostREAD ARTICLE


• 7.30.16 “Punishment that Doesn't Fit the Crime,” New York Times. READ ARTICLE


• 11.29.21 New Books Network Podcast. INTERVIEW


• 10.28.21 Delaware Humanities Annual Lecture. LECTURE


• 9.10.21 Le Point, France. INTERVIEW

• 9.3.21 Lapham's Quarterly, The World In Time Podcast. INTERVIEW


• 8.18.21 The BBC, History Extra Podcast. INTERVIEW


• 7.29.21 The Economist, "The Economist Asks" Radio Podcast. INTERVIEW


• 7.20.21 Talk Radio Europe, interview with Ger Sweeney. 


• 7.13.21 Next Big Idea Club, Book Bite. INTERVIEW


• 7.12.21 Conway Hall Ethical Society, "Ethical Matters." INTERVIEW

• 7.5.21 NewsTalk Moncrieff, Irish Radio. INTERVIEW

• 7.4.21 Soho Radio London, Bureau of Lost Culture. INTERVIEW


• 6.17.21 So To Speak: The Free Speech Podcast. INTERVIEW


• 6.3.21 Honest Offense Podcast. INTERVIEW


• 5.27.21 The Mark Twain House, In Conversation with Marc Cooper. INTERVIEW

• 5.26.21 In Conversation with Journalist Marc Cooper. INTERVIEW


• 5.11.21 Book Passage, In Conversation with Judy Muller. INTERVIEW


• 4.29.21 Tangentially Speaking Podcast, In Conversation with Christopher Ryan. INTERVIEW


• 6.2.16, on The Boundaries of Desire.  INTERVIEW

• 8.6.15 Sex With Timaree, "Sex Laws with Eric Berkowitz." INTERVIEW

• 8.1.15 NPR, Fresh Air with Terry Gross, "A Century of Sex Laws." INTERVIEW

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