• 3.26.21 “How dissent gets criminalized: America's right to insult the government is under attack" Salon. READ ARTICLE

• 2.18.21 “We must fight the temptation to regulate online speech at all costs" Newsweek.  READ ARTICLE


• 7.23.19 “Trump likes to charge his opponents with treason. He is echoing Europe's worst despots." Washington Post article on Trump's toxic confusion of criticism with treason.  READ ARTICLE


• 5.31.18 “The case against George Takei was always weak. Why were we so quick to believe it?” Washington Post piece tracing the historical antecedents for the false sexual misconduct accusations against Takei.  READ ARTICLE


• 7.30.16 “Punishment that Doesn't Fit the Crime,” New York Times piece on the tragedies befalling youths -- some as young as twelve -- who are put on sex offender registries.  READ ARTICLE

• 9.13 “Defending the Faithful,” cover story in California Lawyer on the subject of the various legal and social issues pertaining to the ongoing “religious freedom” debate.  


• 8.12.12 “Desperate Hours,” cover story in California Lawyer on the effect of judicial budget cuts on the fate of domestic violence victims.  



• 4.18.12. Excerpt in  READ ARTICLE


• 5.29.12 Article in “How Frightened Patriarchal Men Have Tried to Repress Women’s Sexuality Through History.”  READ ARTICLE


• 5.4.12. Huffington Post on Sex and Punishment.  READ ARTICLE


• 12.11.11. Los Angeles Times Op-Ed on Sexual Violence in Afghanistan.  READ ARTICLE


• 6.2.16, on The Boundaries of Desire.  INTERVIEW

• 8.6.15 Sex With Timaree, "Sex Laws with Eric Berkowitz"  INTERVIEW

• 8.1.15 NPR, Fresh Air with Terry Gross, "A Century of Sex Laws"  INTERVIEW


• 4.4.13 Bitch Media, on the subject of monogamy.  INTERVIEW


• 3.25.13 “Cruel and Unusual” on the subject of punishment.  INTERVIEW


• 2.6.13 ReasonTV (Libertarian).  INTERVIEW


• 1.13 Radio Curious, Pacifica Radio.  INTERVIEW


• 11.14.12 Tangentially Speaking, Christopher Ryan’s podcast.  INTERVIEW


 9.3.12 Legally Speaking, “A Conversation with Eric Berkowitz.” Extensive interview on a joint production of University of California Television and UC Hastings Law School.  INTERVIEW 


• 8.27.12 Interview on Playboy Radio, XM/Sirius.


• 8.25.12 Interview on WRIF, Detroit, on the Nightcall, hosted by Peter Werbe. 


• 7.18.12. Late Light Live, Australian public radio show.  INTERVIEW


• 7.9.12. Salon, reprinted from prior interview on The Browser (UK).  INTERVIEW


• 6.20.12. Interview on Irish national radio, Sean Moncrieff Show.


• 6.2.12. Sedge Thompson’s West Coast Live Radio.  INTERVIEW


• 5.31.12. Interview on The Michelangelo Signorile Show (Sirius/XM).  


• 5.16.12. Radio interview on the Leslie Marshall Show.


• 5.11.12 Interview on Creative Loafing-Tampa.  INTERVIEW


• 5.8.12. Interview on Culture Shocks radio program.

• 5.1.12. Included in Creative Loafing-Tampa’s “Top 10 Most Provocative Books out this Month.”  FEATURE


Appearance in Monogamish, an as-yet unreleased documentary about monogamy.  FEATURE  

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